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Numerous recent reports have assessed the adequacy of current generating capacity to meet the growing electricity demand from Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) and the potential for using these vehicles to provide grid support (Vehicle to Grid, V2G) services. However, little has been written on how these new loads will affect the medium and(More)
The last few years have seen new developments to understand and tackle the significant public health issue posed by chronic kidney disease (CKD). Established renal disease currently consumes 2% of the UK National Health Service budget and predictions are that this figure will increase significantly due to the rising number of people requiring renal(More)
There has been considerable interest in computer viruses since they rst appeared in 1981, and especially in the past few years as they have reached epidemic numbers in many personal computer environments. Viruses have been written about as a security problem, as a social problem, and as a possible means of performing useful tasks in a distributed manner.(More)
Much of the conversation on "big data" is centered on data technologies and analytics platforms and how established companies apply them. While those technologies and platforms are certainly very important for industry incumbents, data analytics is also often a key building block for new start-up entrants looking to disrupt industry verticals. In many(More)
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