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The aim of this study was to determine whether the addition of interactivity to a computer-based learning package enhances the learning process. A sample of 33 (22 male and 11 female) undergraduates on a Business and Management degree used a multimedia system to learn about the operation of a bicycle pump. The system consisted of a labelled diagram of the(More)
Cross-origin CSS attacks use style sheet import to steal confidential information from a victim website, hijacking a user's existing authenticated session; existing XSS defenses are ineffective. We show how to conduct these attacks with any browser, even if JavaScript is disabled, and propose a client-side defense with little or no impact on the vast(More)
IFNgamma induces cell death in epithelial cells, but the mediator for this death pathway has not been identified. In this study, we find that expression of Bik/Blk/Nbk is increased in human airway epithelial cells (AECs [HAECs]) in response to IFNgamma. Expression of Bik but not mutant BikL61G induces and loss of Bik suppresses IFNgamma-induced cell death(More)
Chris Evans is a Senior Lecturer in the Brunel Business School at Brunel University. His research interests include interactivity, Web 2.0 and social media, multimedia learning technology, and the adoption of innovative learning technologies. He is Chair of the annual eLearning 2.0 international conference on social media for learning. Abstract Can social(More)
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have the ability to repair and regenerate tissue, home to sites of inflammation, and evade the host immune system. As such, they represent an attractive therapy for the treatment of autoimmune inflammatory diseases. However, results from in vivo murine studies in inflammatory arthritis have been conflicting, and this may be due(More)