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BACKGROUND It is estimated that over 40 % of the 218,000 people with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) in Australia in 2011 are undiagnosed. A disproportionate number of those with undiagnosed infection were born in the Asia-Pacific region. Undiagnosed CHB can lead to ongoing transmission and late diagnosis limits opportunities to prevent progression to(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess hepatitis B knowledge among people with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) in Australia. METHODS People with CHB in three Australian jurisdictions completed a self-administered questionaire, including 24 hepatitis B knowledge questions across four domains: transmission; natural history; epidemiology and prevention; and clinical management. (More)
1. Environmental flows are more than just volumes of inflows and outflows. The frequency, timing, duration, and rate of change of flows, as well as the occurrence of overbank flows also are biologically important. There is no one correct flow number. Seasonal, interannual, and spatial variability, to which our native species are adapted, are as important as(More)
  • Phil Isenberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, +184 authors Joaquin River Delta
  • 2008
The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta covers more than 1,300 square miles. Its more than 60 " islands " , together with its natural channels and sloughs are the home to 750 species of plants and wildlife as well as 55 species of fish. The Delta is the hub of California's water delivery system, taking runoff from about 40 percent of California's landmass(More)
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