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Word embeddings have recently seen a strong increase in interest as a result of strong performance gains on a variety of tasks. However, most of this research also underlined the importance of benchmark datasets, and the difficulty of constructing these for a variety of language-specific tasks. Still, many of the datasets used in these tasks could prove to(More)
analysis of the developments within the dutch privacy debate on news websites Chris Emmery thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of science in communication and information sciences, master track human aspects of information technology, at the school of humanities of tilburg university This thesis was(More)
In most languages, new words can be created through the process of compounding, which combines two or more words into a new lexical unit. Whereas in languages such as English the components that make up a compound are separated by a space, in languages such as Finnish, German, Afrikaans and Dutch these components are concatenated into one word. Compounding(More)
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