Chris E. Kees

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Keywords: Free-surface flow Level set Mass conservation Finite elements Fluids Residual-based variational multiscale method a b s t r a c t This paper presents a formulation for free-surface computations capable of handling complex phenomena, such as wave breaking, without excessive mass loss or smearing of the interface. The formulation is suitable for(More)
Richards' equation and the two-phase flow equations are well-known degenerate par-abolic models of air/water flow in porous media. Poor iterative solver performance and small time steps during transient simulations are often reported in field-scale simulations. In this work we study Newton-multigrid and nonlinear multigrid methods applied to discrete(More)
The US Army Engineer Research and Development Center researches, develops, supports, and maintains many discipline-specific numerical models. Because of the increasing domain size and resolution needs of the modeling applications, it is no longer feasible to execute the pre- and post-processing of the models, such as mesh generation, boundary condition(More)
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