Chris E Houlden

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A convenient one-pot method for the conversion of phenylisocyanate into ortho-functionalized aniline derivatives has been developed. The reaction proceeds via the selective ortho-metalation of a transient labile urea, which can be considered as a synthetic equivalent of 2-lithio-phenylisocyanate, a highly improbable intermediate.
A Pd-catalyzed intermolecular 1,2-carboamination route to indolines from N-aryl ureas and 1,3-dienes that proceeds under mild conditions in relatively nonacidic media, is presented. The in situ generation, or preformation, of a palladium tosylate emerges as a key parameter in gaining the requisite reactivity for the C-H(More)
Stick or twist: By introducing steric hindrance at the nitrogen atom, stable linear amides bearing an electron-withdrawing α-substituent (Z = Ar, PhSO(2), P(O)(OR)(2), CN, or CO(2)R) can be induced to undergo solvolysis and substitution reactions through an elimination-addition mechanism (see picture). Key to this process is a low barrier to rotation around(More)
Pd and CO--ureally got me! The title reaction proceeds efficiently at 18 degrees C under CO (1 atm) with 5 % [Pd(OTs)(2)(MeCN)(2)] as precatalyst. Depending on the solvents used, either anthranilates or cyclic imides can be obtained in high yields (see picture, BQ = benzoquinone, Ts = 4-toluenesulfonyl).
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