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The Brisk project has been set up to investigate the possibility of extending the expressive power of purely functional languages. The aim is to be able to build concurrent and distributed working environments completely functionally, reversing the usual situation in which functional programs are regarded as guests within a procedural environment. This(More)
Declarative debugging is a method of debugging characterized by locating coding errors in a program using knowledge of the program's intended interpretation alone. A declarative debugger (G r aDE) for GG odel is presented which handles all of GG odel's syntax together with support for abstract data types and coroutining. G r aDE builds a computation tree(More)
This poster considers a new approach to embedding dynamic typing facilities in a statically-typed functional language like ML and Haskell. Such a mechanism would help functional programming to break out of the byte-at-a-time mode of 1/0 inherited from its procedural ancestor, making possible, for example, the communication of polymorphic functions between(More)
1 Introduction The aim of the TclHaskell package is to provide Haskell programmers with the means of building graphical user interfaces through the Tcl/Tk. This user manual explains the basic ideas involved, and so assumes a reasonable knowledge of Haskell. [2] For further information on Tcl/Tk see [1]. Tcl/Tk also includes extensive on-line help. For a(More)
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