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Projective geometry provides the preferred framework for most implementations of Euclidean space in graphics applications. Translations and rotations are both linear transformations in projective geometry, which helps when it comes to programming complicated geometrical operations. But there is a fundamental weakness in this approach — the Euclidean(More)
In this talk, we present a novel technique to generate Signed Distance Fields (SDF) from vector paths. Unlike existing methods, instead of first rasterizing a path to a bitmap and then deriving the SDF, we can calculate the minimum distance for each pixel to the nearest segment directly from a path description comprised of line segments and Bezier curves.(More)
  • Tuna Yildirim, Vincent G J Rodgers, Charles Frohman, Craig E Pryor, Wayne N Polyzou, Mary Hall Reno +17 others
  • 2016
enough for the time and effort they spent to help me. Especially, I want to thank my advisor Prof. Rodgers for taking me under his guidance, providing a great working environment, being a great mentor and a friend. I thank the members of my thesis committee: Profs. for their support and true friendship. Leo Rodriguez helped me so much, he was almost like a(More)
BACKGROUND Research translation, particularly in the biomedical area, is often discussed but there are few methods that are routinely used to measure it or its impact. Of the impact measurement methods that are used, most aim to provide accountability - to measure and explain what was generated as a consequence of funding research. This case study reports(More)
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