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Adrenal ornithine decarboxylase activity was stimulated in a dose-related manner after administration of ACTH or dibutyryl ((6)N-2'-O-dibutyryl) cyclic AMP to hypophysectomized rats. Little effect was observed for 2 h, but striking increases in enzyme activity were observed 4 h after administration of these substances. Effects of ACTH and dibutyryl cyclic(More)
P1 Impact of antioxidant-enriched nutrient bar supplementation on the serum antioxidant markers and physical fitness components of track and field athletes Background Antioxidant supplementation may provide protection against negative health consequences of oxygen-free radicals caused by aerobic and re-sustained exercise. The aim is to find out the efficacy(More)
Numerous techniques are used to maintain intraoperative heart viability. The studies presented here evaluated heart function and metabolism after various periods of preservation up to 4 hours with intermittent warm and cold blood perfusion. Using a heterotopic heart model cooled to 10 degrees C and maintained for 1, 2, 3, and 4 hours, various preservation(More)
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