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The hedonic attributes of tactile stimulation are important to one's quality of life, yet they have rarely been studied scientifically. The earliest experimental investigations suggested soft and smooth materials as pleasant, those that were stiff, rough, or coarse as unpleasant. More recent studies conducted by the authors and described herein obtained(More)
Steady-state somatosensory evoked potentials (SSSEPs) were recorded from the scalp of human subjects elicited by 20 and 26 Hz mechanical vibrations applied simultaneously to the index finger of the left (20 Hz) and right hand (26 Hz). Subjects were instructed to attend to the flutter vibration at one finger while ignoring the other finger and to detect rare(More)
Palmtop computers provide a possible avenue for the convenient collection of subjective ratings from individuals outside of a fixed laboratory setting. One disadvantage of these computers is the small size of their display screens, which may reduce the resolution of responses available as compared with standard display screens. One plausible solution to(More)
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