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The effectiveness of stemming algorithms has usually been measured in terms of their effect on retrieval performance with test collections. This however does not provide any insights which might help in stemmer optimisation. This paper describes a method in which stemming performance is assessed against predefine concept groups in samples of words. This(More)
BACKGROUND The SF-36 is a generic health status measure which has gained popularity as a measure of outcome in a wide variety of patient groups and social surveys. However, there is a need for even shorter measures, which reduce respondent burden. The developers of the SF-36 have consequently suggested that a 12-item sub-set of the items may accurately(More)
–– Interfaces to databases have traditionally been designed as single-user systems that hide other users and their activity. This paper aims to show that collaboration is an important aspect of searching online information stores that requires explicit computerised support. The claim is made that a truly user-centred system must acknowledge and support(More)
In natural language processing, <i>conflation</i> is the process of merging or lumping together nonidentical words which refer to the same principal concept. This can relate both to words which are entirely different in form (e.g., "group" and "collection"), and to words which share some common root (e.g., "group", "grouping", "subgroups"). In the former(More)
Considering the important part played by abstracts in the traditional information services, the possibility of producing abstracts by computer has not received very much attention. There are perhaps two main reasons for this. First, it appears t h a t the production of well-constructed abstracts is an artificial intelligence problem, and therefore unlikely(More)
Automatic abstracting, typically based on extraction of important sentences from a text, has been treated as a largely separate task from automatic indexing. This paper describes an approach in which the indexing and abstracting tasks are effectively combined. It is applicable to highly structured empirical research papers, whose content can be organised(More)
The movement from the physical to the digital library offers both dangers and opportunities. Alongside the greater quantity of online material goes the problem of quality assurance: how can be the information searcher be sure of the status of a document. We suggest that this be addressed by supporting recommendations and that the key feature that links(More)