Chris D. Coldren

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Integration of active optical components typically serves five goals: enhanced performance, smaller size, lower power dissipation, higher reliability, and lower cost. We can differentiate between horizontal and vertical integration schemes. Horizontal integration combines many elements of the same functionality, like laser arrays. Vertical integration(More)
Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a poorly understood condition with greater than 30% mortality. Massive recruitment of neutrophils to the lung occurs in the initial stages of the ARDS. Significant variability in the severity and duration of ARDS-associated pulmonary inflammation could be linked to heterogeneity in the inflammatory capacity of(More)
We performed a prospective analysis on 14 11q- patients to determine the relationship between the degree of cognitive impairment and relative deletion size. Seventeen measures of cognitive function were assessed. All nine patients with a deletion of at least 12.1 Mb had severe global cognitive impairment, with full-scale IQ <50, whereas all five patients(More)
—In this paper, the available analog link performance of integrated transmitters containing a sampled-grating distributed Bragg reflector laser, a semiconductor optical amplifier, and a modulator is evaluated. It is found that to provide a link gain and a low-noise figure, an RF preamplifier is required, and for this reason, spurious-free dynamic range(More)
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