Chris D. Chapman

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This paper argues that all current project risk management processes induce a restricted focus on the management of project uncertainty. In part this is because the term 'risk' encourages a threat perspective. In part this is because the term 'risk' has become associated with 'events' rather than more general sources of significant uncertainty. The paper(More)
Overview Projects are about the planning and delivery of beneficial change. This beneficial change may involve the creation of a desired physical asset or some less tangible organizational change. In either case, the pursuit of opportunities is an inherent central concern. Throughout any project what can be achieved is subject to uncertainty. Uncertainty(More)
Prediction of adult performance from early age talent identification in sport remains difficult. Talent identification research has generally been performed using univariate analysis, which ignores multivariate relationships. To address this issue, this study used a novel higher-dimensional model to orthogonalize multivariate anthropometric and fitness data(More)
Athlete development through adolescence can vary greatly because of maturational processes. For example, variation can be observed in anthropometric and fitness measures with later maturing individuals "catching up" their earlier maturing peers at later time points. This study examined a methodological issue concerning how best to assess anthropometric and(More)
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