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An optical temperature sensor was created using a femtosecond micromachined diffraction grating inside transparent bulk 6H-SiC, and to the best of our knowledge, this is a novel technique of measuring temperature. Other methods of measuring temperature using fiber Bragg gratings have been devised by other groups such as Zhang and Kahrizi [in MEMS, NANO, and(More)
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A supportive personnel training program based at a technical college is described. During the nine-month curriculum, the students spend time in the classroom and in a laboratory on the college campus. Part of the program is taught by the college faculty, providing the students with courses on basic chemistry, anatomy and physiology, medical vocabulary,(More)
A unique anamorphic lens design was applied to a circular 780nm femtosecond laser pulse to transform it into an elliptically shaped beam at focus. This lens was developed to give an alternative method of micromachining bulk transparent materials. The challenge for femtosecond laser processing is to control the nonlinear affect of self-focusing, which can(More)
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