Chris D. Bradfield

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T he Hough transform is a useful technique in the detection of straight lines and curves in an image. Due to the mathematical similarity of the Hough transform and the forward Radon transform, the Hough transform can be computed using the Radon transform which, in turn, can be evaluated using the central slice theorem. This involves a two-dimensional(More)
The systems design of a real-time hybrid digital–optical correlator is detailed. Emphasis is on: partitioning of the digital and optical systems such that the efficiency of the optical image train is maximised; and the parallelisation of tasks within the digital sub-system to maximise throughput. The significance of communication bottlenecks are emphasised(More)
This paper is a replication of a study in which we argue that class differences pertain not only to rates of mental illness but also to the recognition of symptoms of mental illness and to recommendations concerning what should be done by those exhibiting 'disordered behaviour'. Our previous findings from a sample of two small West Texas communities(More)
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