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Creditworthiness and Country Risk
Rapid growth of external indebtness has focused attention on the problem of external creditworthiness or debt servicing capacity. External creditworthiness is the total amount of external loans,Expand
Economics of Default
The problem of default has been known from the very begining of the international financial system. The interwar financial defaults and post was financial crises have been formalized in a number ofExpand
Theoretical and Policy-Oriented Aspects of the External Debt Economics
I: An Overview of the Theoretical Aspects of Foreign Debt.- 1. Measuring External Debt.- 1.1 External Debt Reporting Systems.- 1.2 Gross External Debt and Debt Externalities.- 1.3 External Debt andExpand
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Analytical Issues in the Current External Debt Strategy
In the first five chapters of this study I have presented a review of selected theoretical aspects of external borrowing, which was a natural starting point for further discussion. In the followingExpand
Managing the International Debt Crisis — Components of the New Debt Strategy
The sufficient condition for the failure of the current ad-hoc approach was economic instability coupled with excessive costs of endless rescheduling and restructuring negotiations. However theExpand
Evaluation of Monetary Policy Rules for Lao PDR : An Econometric Analysis
The paper reviews the recent conduct of monetary policy and the central bank’s rule-based behaviour in Lao PDR. Using different policy rules, we test whether the Bank of Lao PDR (BOL) reacts toExpand