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We will demonstrate a hardware and firmware solution for a complete fully pipelined multi-crate trigger system that takes advantage of the elegant high speed VXS serial extensions for VME. This trigger system includes three sections starting with the front end crate trigger processor (CTP), a global Sub-System Processor (SSP) and a Trigger Supervisor that(More)
Positron Emission Tomography (PET) historically has major clinical and preclinical applications in cancerous oncology, neurology, and cardiovascular diseases. Recently, in a new direction, an application specific PET system is being developed at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) in collaboration with Duke University, University(More)
We propose to develop and install on the CEBAF injector a beamline and instrumentation appropriate for exploring the feasibility of a new approach for a source of polarized positrons: the transfer of polarization from an intense electron beam to positrons by a two-step process (bremsstrahlung followed by pair production) in a single target. Such a source(More)
Detectors for particle physics research incorporate thousands of electrical sensors that are sensitive to charged particles and generate signals with fast risetimes and at high rates. Data processing requires detecting the time when signals from charged particle sensors cross thresholds with picosecond accuracy. The high speed high density data acquisition(More)
We have developed a very high channel density custom A/D converter module for the drift chamber readout requirements of the Glue-X detector at Jefferson Lab Hall-D. This 6U VME64&#x00D7; module has 72 channels, including a low noise differential line receiver, cable frequency response equalization, and signal shaping with a 5<sup>th</sup> order filter. The(More)
The Polarized Electrons for Polarized Positrons experiment at the injector of the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility has demonstrated for the first time the efficient transfer of polarization from electrons to positrons produced by the polarized bremsstrahlung radiation induced by a polarized electron beam in a high-Z target. Positron(More)
As initial studies showed that enzymatic saccharification of sugar cane bagasse in columns with recycling of eluate was slightly more efficient than in agitated flasks, ethanol production by fermentation of the eluates with fast-decanting yeast and recycling of the fermentate through the bagasse columns was studied. The alcohol yield from these coupled(More)
The design of the Trigger Interface and Distribution (TID) [1] board for the 12 GeV Upgrade [2] at the Continues Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF) in TJNAL is described. The TID board distributes a low jitter system clock, synchronized trigger, and synchronized multi-purpose SYNC signal. The TID also initiates data acquisition for the crate. With(More)