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The regular array of distally pointing hairs on the mature Drosophila wing is evidence for the fine control of Planar Cell Polarity (PCP) during wing development. Normal wing PCP requires both the Frizzled (Fz) PCP pathway and the Fat/Dachsous (Ft/Ds) pathway, although the functional relationship between these pathways remains under debate. There is strong(More)
The mechanisms of variation, selection and inheritance, on which evolution by natural selection depends, are not fixed over evolutionary time. Current evolutionary biology is increasingly focussed on understanding how the evolution of developmental organisations modifies the distribution of phenotypic variation, the evolution of ecological relationships(More)
The structure of complex biological and socioeconomic networks affects the selective pressures or behavioural incentives of components in that network, and reflexively, the evolution/behaviour of individuals in those networks changes the structure of such networks over time. Such 'adaptive networks' underlie how gene-regulation networks evolve, how(More)
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