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This paper presents the first evidence that some neurons in the octopus CNS contain delta-amino butyric acid (GABA). Using conventional immunohistochemical methods with appropriate controls, we obtained positive staining with an antibody to GABA in fibres in the neuropil of many lobes of the brain of the northern octopus Eledone cirrhosa. In several lobes(More)
Adulteration of blackberry juice concentrates and wines with juice of sorbitol-containing fruits was detected by determining carbohydrates by high performance liquid chromatography, gas-liquid chromatography, and thin layer chromatography. Sorbitol is not fermented by yeast and can be detected in wines made from blackberry juice concentrates that contain(More)
Snow for helpful comments and suggestions. Additionally, we are grateful to the corporate executives who took the time to discuss project finance lending with us during this research. We also appreciate the comments offered by seminar participants at (London), and the World Bank. Finally, we are especially grateful for the financial support of the(More)
We first study cosmetic crossing changes and cosmetic generalized crossing changes in knots of genus one, satellite knots, and knots obtained via twisting operations on standardly embedded tori in the knot complement. As a result, we find obstructions to the existence of cosmetic generalized crossing changes in several large families of knots. We then study(More)
We demonstrate a strategy for using matched employer-employee data to correct endogenous job mobility bias when estimating compensating wage differentials. Applied to fatality rates in the census of formal-sector jobs in Brazil between 2003-2010, we show why common approaches to eliminating ability bias can greatly amplify en-dogenous job mobility bias. By(More)
We prove two results about mutation invariance of link homology theories: We show that Khovanov's universal sl(2) homology is invariant under mutation and that the reduced sl(n) homology defined by Khovanov and Rozansky is invariant under component-preserving positive mutation when n is odd. We also give a relationship between the Khovanov homology of a(More)
BACKGROUND Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) is a continuity of midwifery care model for women in all risk groups (Low, Moderate and High) available at a tertiary metropolitan hospital in Australia. This demonstration study aimed to compare the clinical effectiveness of MGP with other models of care at the hospital. METHODS Comparisons of clinical outcomes(More)
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