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Diffusion-based tractography enables the graphical reconstruction of the white matter pathways in the brain and spinal cord of living humans. This technique has many potential clinical applications, including the investigation of stroke, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases, and spinal cord disorders, and it enables hypotheses to be(More)
The current generation of centralized network intrusion detection systems (NIDS) have various limitations on their performance and effectiveness. In this paper, we argue that intrusion detection analysis should be distributed to network node IDS (NNIDS) running in hardware on the end hosts. An NNIDS can unambiguously inspect traffic to and from the host,(More)
In a 10-year (1996-2005) biodiversity experiment, the mechanisms underlying the increasingly positive effect of biodiversity on plant biomass production shifted from sampling to complementarity over time. The effect of diversity on plant biomass was associated primarily with the accumulation of higher total plant nitrogen pools (N g m-2) and secondarily(More)
The study was undertaken to determine whether the claw horn from cows suffering from vertical fissures (sandcracks) is weaker with regard to fracture formation than claw horn from cows without vertical fissures. Fracture toughness was determined using a composite testing procedure previously developed for use in equine hoof horn. Twenty cows with vertical(More)
Special tokens that must occur at the start of a line are a common problem. So common that LEX uses the caret character (^) to mark the start of the line in regular expressions. Many cases are simple enough that this is an adequate solution. That is little consolation for those users of the many lexer generators that do not have built in start-of-line(More)
Corticobasal degeneration (CBD) is an adult-onset progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized by L-dopa-resistant rigidity, focal cortical deficits, and variable dementia. The neuropathological hallmark of CBD is the deposition of filamentous inclusions in neurons and glia composed of hyperphosphorylated tau with only four microtubule-binding(More)
Welcome to a new column about how to get lexer and parser generators to do what you want. The idea for these columns came from the questions appearing on the comp.compilers newsgroup and questions asked by users of Yacc++. Many of these questions were how-to kind of questions that pointed out a need for collecting some of the techniques (and even hacks)(More)
Five measures of temporal order judgments were obtained from 261 participants, including 146 elder, 44 middle aged, and 71 young participants. Strong age group differences were observed in all five measures, although the group differences were reduced when letter discriminability was matched for all participants. Significant relations were found between(More)