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Using cDNA microarrays we have investigated gene expression patterns in brain regions of patients with schizophrenia. A cDNA neuroarray, comprised of genes related to brain function, was used to screen pools of samples from the cerebellum and prefrontal cortex from a matched set of subjects, and middle temporal gyrus, from a separate subject cohort. Samples(More)
Acute kidney injury (AKI) is associated with significant mortality, which increases further when combined with acute lung injury. Experiments in rodents have shown that kidney ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI) facilitates lung injury and inflammation. To identify potential ischemia-specific lung molecular pathways involved, we conducted global gene(More)
BACKGROUND Microarray technology has become highly valuable for identifying complex global changes in gene expression patterns. The effective correlation of observed changes in gene expression with shared transcription regulatory elements remains difficult to demonstrate convincingly. One reason for this difficulty may result from the intricate convergence(More)
DSCR1(Adapt78) is a stress responsive gene that can be induced by multiple stresses. We have previously demonstrated that acute DSCR1(Adapt78) overexpression can transiently protect cells against oxidative stress and calcium-mediated stresses, while its chronic overexpression is associated with neurofibrillary tangles, Alzheimer disease, and Down's(More)
PURPOSE The human SH-SY5Y cell line is an established model for retinoic acid (RA)-induced neural differentiation. We employed a broad human 15K microarray (15,000 genes) and focused Neuroarray (1152 genes) to examine changes in gene expression early in the process of differentiation (6 hr), before morphology or growth changes are observed. METHODS 33(More)
Due to brain tissue heterogeneity, the molecular genetic profile of any neurotransmitter-specific neuronal subtype is unknown. The purpose of this study was to purify a population of dopamine neurons, construct a cDNA library, and generate an initial gene expression profile and a microarray representative of dopamine neuron transcripts. Ventral(More)
BACKGROUND Molecular experiments using multiplex strategies such as cDNA microarrays or proteomic approaches generate large datasets requiring biological interpretation. Text based data mining tools have recently been developed to query large biological datasets of this type of data. PubMatrix is a web-based tool that allows simple text based mining of the(More)
Z-score transformation has been successfully used as a normalisation procedure for microarray data generated using radioactively labelled probes with spotted cDNA arrays. One of the advantages of the z-score transformation method is that it provides a way of standardising data across a wide range of experiments and allows the comparison of microarray data(More)
cDNA microarrays provide an efficient method to analyze gene expression patterns in thousands of genes in parallel. In some cases, large unfocused collections of cDNAs have been used in hybridization studies, in others small logically defined collections of tissue specific arrays have been used. Here we describe the bioinformatic selection of 1152 named(More)
Ovarian cancer is a major cause of cancer death in women. Unfortunately , the molecular pathways underlying ovarian cancer progression are poorly understood, making the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies difficult. On the basis of our previous observations obtained from serial analysis of gene expression, we have constructed a(More)