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Acknowledgements First and foremost, I would like to thank my advisor, Professor Martin Vetterli, for sharing his ideas and his infectious enthusiasm. I would also like to thank Ton Kalker for providing some of the building blocks for my MATLAB simulations. The technical content has been in BLOCKINuenced by conversations with
This article describes research related to the design of a payment model for specialty oncology services for possible testing by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Cancer is a common and costly condition. Episode-based payment, which aims to create incentives for high-quality, low-cost(More)
Faecal urgency and incontinence with rectal hypersensitivity is a chronic, unexplained condition that is difficult to treat. The aim of this study was to determine if there was an altered level of the voltage gated tetrodotoxin-sensitive (TTX-s) sodium channel Na(v)1.7 in rectal sensory fibres, since this channel has been implicated in clinical nociceptive(More)
We certify that we have read this thesis and that, in our opinion, it is satisfactory in scope and quality as a thesis for the degree of Master of Science in Information and Computer Sciences.
An increasing number of integrated circuits are going into the automotive sector where requirements on dependability are very high. As a result, there is a strong push in the semiconductor industry for achieving higher reliability standards while maintaining (or even lowering) the associated cost. Lately two efficient approaches to increase the(More)
Defect detection and classification is crucial in ensuring product quality and reliability. Classification provides information on problems related to the detected defects which can then be used to perform yield prediction, fault diagnosis, correcting manufacturing issues and process control. Accurate classification requires good selection of features to(More)
The purpose of this qualitative study is to explore service quality from the perspectives of the Muslim customers in Indonesia. There is growing evidence that culture influences buying-habits and behavior of customers in a service context. The fact that most cross-cultural consumer research in Asia has focused on the dimension of Chinese-Confucian beliefs(More)
Implantable ventricular assist devices (VADs) have proven efficient in advanced heart failure patients as a bridge-to-transplant or destination therapy. However, VAD usage often leads to infection, bleeding, and thrombosis, side effects attributable to the damage to blood cells and plasma proteins. Measuring hemolysis alone does not provide sufficient(More)