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For many on-line games, user experience is impacted significantly by network latency. As on-line games and on-line game servers proliferate, the ability to discover and connect to nearby servers is essential for maintaining user satisfaction. In this paper, we present a redirection service for on-line games based on the geographic location of players(More)
Cheating in on-line games is a prevalent problem for both game makers and players. The popular real-time strategy game genre is especially vulnerable to cheats, as it is frequently hosted as a peer-to-peer game. As the genre has moved towards a distributed simulation approach to gameplay, the number of cheats has been reduced to bug exploits and "maphacks":(More)
We present a reasoning system for inferring dimension information in spreadsheets. This system can be used to check the consistency of spreadsheet formulas and thus is able to detect errors in spreadsheets. Our approach is based on three static analysis components. First, the spatial structure of the spread-sheet is analyzed to infer a labeling relationship(More)
Labels in spreadsheets can be exploited for finding formula errors in two principally different ways. First, the spatial relationships between labels and other cells express simple constraints on the cells usage in formulas. Second, labels can be interpreted as units of measurements to provide semantic information about the data being combined in formulas,(More)
On-line games are a rapidly growing Internet application. Because of the cost in supporting on-line games and the unpredictable load on servers, companies are moving toward sharing infrastructure for game hosting. To efficiently provision on-line games, it is important to understand game workloads and the behavior of game players. In this paper , we present(More)
Spreadsheets have become one of the most widely-adopted software technologies. They have proven useful for performing numeric computations as well as for organizing, manipulating, exploring, and visualizing data. Yet only one aspect of spreadsheets, formulas, has received extensive attention in field studies to date. In this paper, we describe a three-part(More)
Online games are a rapidly growing Internet application. In order to run a successful online game, game companies and game infrastructure providers must properly manage game workloads and content so that they can maximize player satisfaction while minimizing their own costs. Toward this end, this paper provides a comprehensive, long-term analysis of several(More)
We present a reasoning system for inferring dimension information in spreadsheets. This system can be used to check the consistency of spreadsheet formulas and can be employed to detect errors in spreadsheets. We have prototypically implemented the system as an add-in to Excel. In an evaluation of this implementation we were able to detect dimension errors(More)
The Scratch environment exemplifies a tool+community approach to teaching elementary programming skills, as it includes a website where users can publish, discuss, and organize animations that are programs. To explore this environment's effectiveness for helping people to develop programming skills, we performed a quantitative analysis of 250(More)
Most spreadsheets, like other software, change over time. A frequently occurring scenario is the repeated reuse and adaptation of spreadsheets from one project to another. If several versions of one spreadsheet for grad-ing/budgeting/etc. have accumulated, it is often not obvious which one to choose for the next project. In situations like these, an(More)