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The New Zealand Electricity Market (NZEM) is a locational marginal price (LMP) market. The market clearing engine, called Scheduling Pricing and Dispatch (SPD), is based on security constrained DC OPF and is formulated as a Linear programming problem (LPP). There are significant differences between how SPD calculates the LMPs at each node and those(More)
SFT is successful in building stable thermal branch constraints using an ac power flow method in conjunction with an optimal generation dispatch algorithm used in the SPD. While solutions may not converge with a maximum SPD-SFT iteration of 1, a mechanism of passing constraints forward to subsequent schedules allows the constraints to be continuously(More)
Axelrod’s seminal work describes circumstances in which the goals of the formal organization’s military network become derailed by powerful informal networks built up amongst soldiers during the First World War. This paper considers payoffs of both informal soldiers’ network and that of the formal military bureaucracy. The paper aims to analyze specific(More)
Lactoferrin and β-lactoglobulin are important protein components of mammalian milk. Maillard reactions, as well as redox chemistry, are of particular interest for dairy products because they are known to occur during common processing steps, notably heating procedures such as pasteurization. Using a redox proteomics approach, we characterized AA residue(More)
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