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— Programmers learning how to use an API or a programming language often rely on code examples to support their learning activities. However, what makes for an effective code example remains an open question. Finding the characteristics of the effective examples is essential in improving the appropriateness of these learning aids. To help answer this(More)
Multi-display environments (MDEs) have advanced rapidly in recent years, incorporating multi-touch tabletops, tablets, wall displays and even position tracking systems. Designers have proposed a variety of interesting gestures for use in an MDE, some of which involve a user moving their hands, arms, body or even a device itself. These gestures are often(More)
A Zero Overhead Loop Buffer (ZOLB) is an architectural feature that is commonly found in DSP processors. This buffer can be viewed as a compiler managed cache that contains a sequence of instructions that will be executed a specified number of times. Unlike techniques such as loop unrolling, a loop buffer is a hardware technique that can be used to minimize(More)
Devices such as tablets, mobile phones, tabletops and wall displays all incorporate different sizes of screens, and are now commonplace in a variety of situations and environments. Environments that incorporate these devices, multi-display environments (MDEs) are highly interactive and innovative, but the interaction in these environments is not well(More)
  • Francesca Colantuoni, Christian Rojas, Emily Y Wang, Elena Carbone, Dan A Lass, Bilal Janjua +5 others
  • 2015
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS It is with immense gratitude that I acknowledge the support of my committee chair, Professor Christian Rojas, who continually and convincingly encouraged me during my graduate studies and my early career decisions. Without his guidance and persistent help this dissertation would not have been possible. I would like to thank Dr. Emily Wang(More)
Project Purpose People around the world suffer from degenerative diseases of the retina. These conditions can eventually lead to blindness. We hope to aid in the search for a cure for these diseases by exploring the effects of exogenous retinal extracellular matrix (retinal ECM) proteins on Müller glia cells. With the potential to transform into progenitor(More)