Daryl A Bosco1
Diane McKenna-Yasek1
Nathan Lemay1
Rohan Grimley1
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Mutations in the RNA-binding protein FUS (fused in sarcoma) are linked to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), but the mechanism by which these mutants cause motor neuron degeneration is not known. We report a novel ALS truncation mutant (R495X) that leads to a relatively severe ALS clinical phenotype compared with FUS missense mutations. Expression of(More)
Corticobasal degeneration and Parkinson's disease are pathologically distinct disorders with unique histological and biochemical features of a tauopathy and a-synucleinopathy respectively. We report the first case of co-occurrence of these pathologies in the same patient. Convergence of such distinctly separate neuropathology in the same brain highlights(More)
  • S Tracey Björkman, Kelley A Foster, Stephanie M O'driscoll, Genevieve N Healy, Barbara E Lingwood, Chris Burke +1 other
  • 2006
A comparison of a constant (continuous delivery of 4% FiO2) and a variable (initial 5% FiO2 with adjustments to induce low amplitude EEG (LAEEG) and hypotension) hypoxic/ischemic insult was performed to determine which insult was more effective in producing a consistent degree of survivable neuropathological damage in a newborn piglet model of perinatal(More)
J has been available as shareware for the last four years. The core language has been largely complete from outset, but it is only comparatively recently that the implementation (at least for the PC) has included features needed for serious application development. The most significant change was the introduction of Windows support in release 6, which for(More)
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