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Thrombin induces astrocytoma cell rounding through a Rho-dependent pathway (Majumdar, M., Seasholtz, T. M., Goldstein, D., de Lanerolle, P., and Brown, J. H. (1998) J. Biol. Chem. 273, 10099-10106). The involvement of the G(12) family of G proteins and the role of specific Rho exchange factors in transducing signals from the thrombin receptor to(More)
The retinoblastoma tumor suppressor protein, RB, is a negative regulator of cell proliferation. Growth inhibitory activity of RB is attenuated by phosphorylation. Mutation of a combination of phosphorylation sites leads to a constitutively active RB. In Rat-1 cells, the phosphorylation-site-mutated (PSM)-RB, but not wild-type RB, can inhibit S-phase entry.(More)
Cellular growth control requires the coordination and integration of multiple signaling pathways which are likely to be activated concomitantly. Mitogenic signaling initiated by thyrotropin (TSH) in thyroid cells seems to require two distinct signaling pathways, a cyclic AMP (cAMP)-dependent signaling pathway and a Ras-dependent pathway. This is a paradox,(More)
Murine retroviruses which encode c-myb proteins that have either complete or truncated carboxy (C) termini were used to infect haemopoietic cells from murine fetal liver. Using an agar colony assay, we could show that infection with the virus encoding the truncated protein resulted in the persistence of colony-forming cells well beyond the short period for(More)
BACKGROUND Non-communicable diseases (NCD) accounts for more than a third (37%) of all deaths in South Africa. However, this burden of disease can be reduced by addressing risk factors. The aim of this study was to determine the health and risk profile of South African employees presenting for health risk assessments and to measure their readiness to change(More)
Expression of the nm23/NDP-K gene correlates with reduced metastasis in some tumors and with increased proliferation in both nontransformed and transformed cells in culture. Decreased nm23/NDP-K expression results in mitotic arrest in neuroblasts of developing Drosophila. In order to better understand the biological role(s) of nm23 in non-transformed cells,(More)
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