Chris Bowerman

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  • V Melissa Holland, Jonathan D Kaplan, Michelle R Sams, Chris Bowerman
  • 1981
Intelligent Language Tutors is an edited collection of papers on intelligent computer-assisted language learning (ICALL), a young discipline that seeks to apply the technology of natural language processing and intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) to enhance language learning. The result of a 1993 workshop sponsored by the Army Research Institute, the book(More)
The Kohonen self-organizing feature map (SOM) has several important properties that can be used within the data mining/knowledge discovery and exploratory data analysis process. A key characteristic of the SOM is its topology preserving ability to map a multi-dimensional input into a two dimensional form. This feature is used for classification and(More)
Proteomics is a field dedicated to the analysis and identification of proteins within an organism. Within proteomics, two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE) is currently unrivalled as a technique to separate and analyse proteins from tissue samples. The analysis of post-experimental data produced from this technique has been identified as an important step(More)
Spoken language engineering is starting to deliver technological products to the commercial market and has an important future role in supporting the multilingual structures of modern Europe. The field will be driven forward by basic science and applied research by experts drawn from a variety of backgrounds; among them: linguistics, psychology, computer(More)
This paper describes the text mining of personal document collections in order to learn the categories of the documents in the collection, and to assign a suitable text label to each category. In the first experiment we make use of a pre­ classified collection of documents from which we extract a text label for each category. In the second experiment we use(More)