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Creating low-impedance tetrodes by electroplating with additives.
A tetrode is a bundle of four microwires that can record from multiple neurons simultaneously in the brain of a freely moving animal. Tetrodes are usually electroplated to reduce impedances from 2-3Expand
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A motorized microdrive for recording of neural ensembles in awake behaving rats.
The recording of neural ensembles in awake, behaving rats has been an extremely successful experimental paradigm, providing demonstrable scientific advances. Dynamic control of the position of theExpand
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IBCOM (intra-brain communication) microsystem: Wireless transmission of neural signals within the brain
We report our preliminary work to explore a new method of signal transmission for bio-implantable microsystems. Expand
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Microstructure and properties of Cu-rich 123 : Part II . Homogeneous copper and high magnetic
Copperand yttrium-rich YBa2Cu307 bulk superconductors have been prepared by mixing copper oxide or yttrium oxide in nitric acid and adding the solution to premade stoichiometric YBa2Cu307 followed byExpand
Wireless Galvanic Transmission Through Neural Tissue Via Modulation of a Carrier Signal by A Passive Probe
MARCH 2012, Vol. 6 / 017509-1 Wireless Galvanic transmission through neural tissue via modulation of a carrier signal by a passive probe Andrew E. Papale Graduate Program in Neuroscience, Univ.Expand
Creating Low-Impedance Coatings for Neural Recording Electrodes Using Electroplating Inhibitors
Temperature and pH-sensitive ABC triblock polymers were preared to form hydrogel membranes capable of changing their tructure in response to environmental stimuli, allowing drug reease, from a microExpand
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