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Cripto, a cell surface-associated protein belonging to the EGF-CFC family of growth factor-like molecules, is overexpressed in many human solid tumors, including 70-80% of breast and colon tumors, yet how it promotes cell transformation is unclear. During embryogenesis, Cripto complexes with Alk4 via its unique cysteine-rich CFC domain to facilitate(More)
BAFF is considered a therapeutic target because dysregulated production of BAFF can induce systemic lupus erythematosus-like phenotype in mice, and elevated levels of BAFF are associated with disease severity in systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis patients. Fc fusion decoy receptors, BCMA-Fc and BAFF-R-Fc, are therapeutic candidates for(More)
BACKGROUND Intestinal transplantation has been hampered by high rates of intestinal allograft rejection. One mechanism of altering rejection in other organ transplant models has been blockade of second set T-cell costimulatory signals. AH.F5, a novel hamster anti-rat monoclonal antibody to CD154, blocks CD40-dependent T-cell costimulation. We hypothesized(More)
Banga is a software system that uses the Android open source software platform for mobile phones to support word finding practice, a form of therapy for people with aphasia. By connecting to a Web site, Banga provides for remote monitoring and management of the therapy, making it easier for patients to participate in treatment, and for clinicians to deliver(More)
INTRODUCTION Grammar is a core component of the language system, yet it is rarely assessed during the Wada (intracarotid amobarbital) test. It is hypothesized that adding grammar tests to the recovery phase of the Wada test will increase our ability to lateralize language function. METHOD Sixteen individuals (nine females, fifteen right-handed, mean age(More)
In this exercise you will be connecting efforts to address diabetes to the system map. Look at each of the actions bulleted below. Which of these four intervention points will it affect the most? On the following page, write the name of the program or effort near the bottom and use arrows to link to one of the four intervention points. • Educating(More)
The binding of monoclonal anti-bee venom phospholipase A2 antibodies to their antigen was monitored by size-exclusion high performance liquid chromatography. As judged by this panel of six antibodies, honeybee venom phospholipase A2 contains five binding sites, three of which are completely independent epitopes. The study revealed that this PLA2 can(More)
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