Chris Bearman

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We have localized type X collagen in chick cartilage and lung by use of affinity-purified antibodies raised against the purified protein. Examination of the centers of primary endochondral development in the embryonic sternum, developing cartilage in the embryonic tubular bones and growth plate cartilages demonstrated the specific association of type X(More)
INTRODUCTION The context in which a decision is made can shape the decision process in important ways. Of particular interest here are 'strong' situations, that is, contexts where the situation itself exerts an influence on decision making. Borrowing concepts from field theory and approach/avoidance theory, this paper explores the influence of strong(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent attention has focused on the way in which organizational factors can erode safety in aviation, particularly in regions that have a high accident rate, such as Alaska. The present study builds on this work by examining the direct and indirect pressures that can be exerted on pilots by Alaskan operators. In addition, the paper examines(More)
Emergency situations are by their nature difficult to manage and success in such situations is often highly dependent on effective team coordination. Breakdowns in team coordination can lead to significant disruption to an operational response. Breakdowns in coordination were explored in three large-scale bushfires in Australia: the Kilmore East fire, the(More)
The air traffic control system is designed so that controllers are able to accept aircraft into their airspace and handoff aircraft exiting their airspace with minimal need to collaborate with other controllers. This system is designed to manage safety through constraints that rely on prohibitions and protections that limit scope of action. We contend that(More)
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