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Care and caring have been identified as inherently difficult concepts to define, but many authors believe that care is the central and unifying core of nursing. It is vital that nurses understand what care is, with the current issues about measuring and justifying exactly what they do for patients in order to be clear about what good care is. If nurses are(More)
This paper examines the issue of encouraging change in nursing and focuses on how to move from task-orientated to science-based practice. Therefore, it considers the current theory on the process of change and using two clinical vignettes (one from psychiatric and one from general nursing practice) illustrates how science based practice was introduced. From(More)
  • C Bassett
  • 1992
This paper examines the relationship between nursing research and nursing practice. It concentrates on the areas of eduction, communication and organisation. In studying these factors, I will look at some of the constraints to research utilisation and offer some solutions which might reduce these constraints.
Graph theory is an integral part of a discrete structures course required in computer science programs. Unfortunately, in the short time such courses devote to graph theory, students often do not appreciate and/or recognize how graph theory notions and theorems become problem modeling and problem solving tools. Graph Works is a visualization tool to show(More)