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Rethinking equality: The challenge of equal citizenship
Introduction Part one - A critique of liberal equality 1. The troubled life of social citizenship: Rawls on equality 2. Equality, risk and responsibility: Dworkin on the insurance market 3. EqualityExpand
Global Distributive Justice: An Introduction
Global distributive justice is now part of mainstream political debate. It incorporates issues that are now a familiar feature of the political landscape, such as global poverty, trade justice, aidExpand
Defending the Duty of Assistance
Whereas the drive to elaborate principles and practices of global distributive justice is continuing apace in the academy, Rawls's last book The Law of Peoples rejected the very idea of globalExpand
Equality, risk and responsibility: Dworkin on the insurance market
The concept of risk occupies centre-stage in debates about individual and social responsibilities and, within a broadly neo-liberal regime, the paradigmatic form of risk management is insurance.Expand
Justice and Attachment to Natural Resources
Justice and Natural Resources: An Egalitarian Theory
Our world is increasingly marked by climate change, environmental degradation, and conflict over precious resources such as oil, water, and land. In each case, access to valuable resources is atExpand
Fairness, Free-Riding and Rainforest Protection
If dangerous climate change is to be avoided, it is vital that carbon sinks such as tropical rainforests are protected. But protecting them has costs. These include opportunity costs: the potentialExpand
National Self-Determination, Global Equality and Moral Arbitrariness
Within the debate over global distributive justice, the most challenging proposals - those forwarded by global egalitarians - have attracted the objection that their ideals are incompatible withExpand
Sovereign Wealth Funds and Global Justice
  • Chris Armstrong
  • Economics
  • Ethics & International Affairs
  • 1 December 2013
Dozens of countries have established Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) in the last decade or so, in the majority of cases employing those funds to manage the large revenues gained from selling resourcesExpand