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This paper presents a semi-automated methodology for generating geometric proof problems of the kind found in a high-school curriculum. We formalize the notion of a geometry proof problem and describe an algorithm for generating such problems over a user-provided figure. Our experimental results indicate that our problem generation algorithm can effectively(More)
BACKGROUND Due to exorbitant costs of high-throughput screening, many drug discovery projects commonly employ inexpensive virtual screening to support experimental efforts. However, the vast majority of compounds in widely used screening libraries, such as the ZINC database, will have a very low probability to exhibit the desired bioactivity for a given(More)
This paper presents an intelligent tutoring system, GeoTutor, for Euclidean Geometry that is automatically able to synthesize proof problems and their respective solutions given a geometric figure together with a set of properties true of it. Geo-Tutor can provide personalized practice problems that address student deficiencies in the subject matter.
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