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This paper describes the security and network architecture of the Annex system, a family of technologies for secure and pervasive communication and information processing that we have developed at the Australian Government's Defence Science and Technology Organisation. Our security architecture is built on top of a distributed object-capability system,(More)
We describe how to combine a minimal Trusted Computing Base (TCB) with polyinstantiated and slightly augmented Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software programs in separate Single Level Secure (SLS) partitions to create MultiLevel Secure (MLS) applications. These MLS applications can coordinate fine grained (intra-document) Bell LaPadula (BLP) [6](More)
Cross Domain Solutions and Multi-Level Secure systems are becoming more popular as the benefits of merging data from different security levels becomes more widely understood. Software forming the Trusted Computing Base of such systems must maintain isolation between data from differing security levels while providing some means of bridging that isolation(More)
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