Chris A. Jones

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OBJECTIVES Performance on neuropsychological tests can be influenced by non-cognitive factors, including deliberate underperformance, stress, the need to fulfil a sick role, depression, un-cooperativeness, fatigue and unhappiness with the evaluative situation. Tests to detect suboptimal effort are becoming widely used in clinical practice and are based on(More)
  • Andreas Burkert, Douglas N C Lin, Peter H Bodenheimer, Chris A Jones, Harold W Yorke
  • 2004
We consider the atmospheric flow on short-period extra-solar planets through two-dimensional numerical simulations of hydrodynamics with radiation transfer. The observed low eccentricity of these planets indicates that tidal dissipation within them has been effective in circularizing their orbits and synchronizing their spins. Consequently, one side of(More)
BACKGROUND Twitter has become the "wild-west" of marketing and promotional strategies for advertisement agencies. Electronic cigarettes have been heavily marketed across Twitter feeds, offering discounts, "kid-friendly" flavors, algorithmically generated false testimonials, and free samples. METHODS All electronic cigarette keyword related tweets from a(More)
Twitter, a popular social media outlet, has evolved into a vast source of linguistic data, rich with opinion, sentiment, and discussion. Due to the increasing popularity of Twitter, its perceived potential for exerting social influence has led to the rise of a diverse community of automatons, commonly referred to as bots. These inorganic and semi-organic(More)
The onset of convection in a rapidly rotating layer in which a thermal wind is present is studied. Diffusive effects are included. The main motivation is from convection in planetary interiors, where thermal winds are expected due to temperature variations on the core-mantle boundary. The system admits both convective instability and baroclinic instability.(More)
UK Zonal flows are often found in rotating convective systems. Not only are these jet-flows driven by the convection, they can also have a profound effect on the nature of the con-vection. In this work the cylindrical annulus geometry is exploited in order to perform nonlinear simulations seeking to produce strong zonal flows and multiple jets. The(More)
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