Chris A Froud

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Extreme-ultraviolet high-order-harmonic pulses with 1.6·10(7) photons/pulse at 32.5 eV have been separated from multiple harmonic orders by a time-preserving monochromator using a single grating in the off-plane mount. This grating geometry gives minimum temporal broadening and high efficiency. The pulse duration of the monochromatized harmonic pulses has(More)
We demonstrate enhancement by 1 order of magnitude of the high-order harmonics generated in argon by combining a fundamental field at 1300 nm (10(14) W cm(-2)) and its orthogonally polarized second harmonic at 650 nm (2 × 10(13) W cm(-2)) and by controlling the relative phase between them. This extends earlier work by ensuring that the main effect is the(More)
The emerging techniques of molecular spectroscopy by high order harmonic generation have hitherto been conducted only with Ti:Sapphire lasers which are restricted to molecules with high ionization potentials. In order to gain information on the molecular structure, a broad enough range of harmonics is required. This implies using high laser intensities(More)
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