Chris A Buckley

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The impor tance of good weighting methods in information retrieval methods tha t stress the most useful features of a document or query representat ive is examined. Evidence is presented tha t good weighting methods are more impor tan t than the feature selection process and it is suggested tha t the two need to go handin-hand in order to be effective. The(More)
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling has been applied to examine the operation of the pre-ozonation system at Wiggins Waterworks, operated by Umgeni Water in Durban, South Africa. A hydraulic model has been satisfactorily verified by experimental tracer tests. The turbulence effect induced by the gas injection was modelled by increasing the level of(More)
The immune system works through leukocytes interacting with each other, with other cells, with tissue matrices, with infectious agents, and with other antigens. These interactions are mediated by cell-surface glycoproteins and glycolipids. Antibodies against these leukocyte molecules have provided powerful tools for analysis of their structure, function,(More)
This year the relevance feedback track further examined relevance feedback with a single document relevance feedback task. Seven groups participated in the track. At this time, relevance judging is on-going and no results are available. This notebook version of the track describes the track, presents the current status of the track, and includes participant(More)
Despite significant financial investment, the effective implementation and sustained use of water and sanitation (WATSAN) technologies remains a chimera, with one billion people using unimproved water facilities and two and a half billion not benefitting from adequate sanitation. The poor success rate of WATSAN interventions results from a predominance of(More)
The intrinsic fluorescence of aquatic organic matter emitted at 350 nm when excited at 280 nm correlates widely with water quality parameters such as biochemical oxygen demand. Hence, in sewage-impacted rivers and groundwater, it might be expected that fluorescence at these wavelengths will also correlate with the microbial water quality. In this paper we(More)
Large proportions of South Africans live in areas with inadequate sanitation and a poor infrastructure for waterborne sanitation. Service providers are looking for alternative wastewater treatment options. The anaerobic baffled reactor is being considered as a decentralised sanitation option in these areas. A 3,200 L reactor was built and is currently being(More)
The acceleration of sanitation delivery towards meeting the South African Government's target of completely eradicating the existing backlogs by 2010, has led to a surge of activities. As part of its strategy for ensuring that basic sanitation is provided, the policy has recommended that a ventilated improved pit latrine (VIP) is considered as the basic(More)
Anaerobic digestion is increasingly being considered as a treatment option for an extensive range of waste biomass, due to the potential for energy recovery, in the form of methane production, and lower sludge volumes relative to aerobic treatment processes. Furthermore, when two substrates are codigested (i.e. digested together), added benefits are(More)