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Modern desktop grid environments and shared computing platforms have popularized the use of contributory resources, such as desktop computers, as computing substrates for a variety of applications. However, addressing the exponentially growing storage demands of applications, especially in a contributory environment, remains a challenging research problem.(More)
There are a multitude of annotated behavior corpora (manual and automatic annotations) available as research expands in multimodal analysis of human behavior. Despite the rich representations within these datasets, search strategies are limited with respect to the advanced representations and complex structures describing human interaction sequences. The(More)
This paper investigates a technique for the discovery of temporal behavior models within multimedia event data. Advancements in both technology and the marketplace present us the opportunity for research in analysis of situated human behavior using video and other sensor data (media streams). By situated analysis, we mean the study of behavior <i>in(More)
In desktop grids the use of off-the-shelf shared components makes the use of dedicated resources economically nonviable and increases the complexity of design of efficient storage systems that are required to address the exponentially growing storage demands of modern applications that run on these platforms. To address this challenge, we present(More)
In this paper we present the findings of three longitudinal case studies in which a new method for conducting multimodal analysis of human behavior is tested. The focus of this new method is to engage a researcher integrally in the analysis process and allow them to guide the identification and discovery of relevant behavior instances within multimodal(More)
This work investigates using n-gram processing and a temporal relation encoding to providing relational information about events extracted from media streams. The event information is temporal and nominal in nature being categorized by a descriptive label or symbolic means and can be difficult to relationally compare and give ranking metrics. Given a parsed(More)
When combined with the organizational space provided by a simple table, physical notecards are a powerful organizational tool for information analysis. The physical presence of these cards affords many benefits but also is a source of disadvantages. For example, complex relationships among them are hard to represent. There have been a number of notecard(More)
The analysis of multimodal data benefits from meaningful search and retrieval. This paper investigates strategies of searching multimodal data for event patterns. Through three longitudinal case studies, we observed researchers exploring and identifying event patterns in multimodal data. The events were extracted from different multimedia signal sources(More)