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Balancing Work/Life?
This chapter considers the subjective experiences of single women in Shanghai against the globalized conceptual backdrop of creative work. It departs from existing scholarship on creative work in twoExpand
Living with Their Own Images
This chapter analyses dominant representations of single women in contemporary China. Informed by the centrality and popularity of single womanhood in popular cultural productions, it offers anExpand
Living on My Own, Creatively, Precariously
This introductory chapter opens with a historical account of single womanhood and creative work in China, followed by theoretical discussions on the two unique trajectories of our globalizing timesExpand
Living with the City
Informed by the “spatial turn” in humanities—the increasing interest in the interaction between place and human beings, this chapter uses methods of mapping to recuperate mobile narratives of suchExpand
Living with a Generation— Qilinghou, Balinghou, Jiulinghou
This chapter investigates the experiences of single women in creative work along the generational paradigm, not only as a matter of age in the personal, individual sense, but also as connected to theExpand
Living with Us—The Case of Kunqu
Quite a number of single women in Shanghai’s creative industries are active in the Kunqu scene. Originating in the late Yuan dynasty, Kunqu is generally considered to be one of the oldest forms ofExpand
Living with Themselves, Creating Themselves
This chapter is an attempt at self-representation. More empirically, since the women in this inquiry are working in the creative fields and have a vested interest in creative practices, it seems toExpand
Diaspora as method, music as hope
To Love, to Live
This chapter situates itself in studies on single women in China, which report similar marginalization as reported in Western contexts. These women have to endure the demand to become a “full” womanExpand