Choung-Hwan Park

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Positioning technology to track a moving object is an important and essential component of ubiquitous computing environments and applications. An RFID-based positioning system using the k-nearest neighbor (k-NN) algorithm can determine the position of a moving reader from observed reference data. In this study, the optimal detection range of an RFID-based(More)
This paper presents a true ortho-image generation scheme in urban areas for web GIS application such as urban management system. Proposed scheme includes the solution of conventional problems in normal ortho-image generation. Especially, our approach is focused on the automation and consistency of ortho-image in complex urban areas. For this purpose, we(More)
This paper describes an efficient 3-D positioning method of SAR image only using ephemeris data and a single control point. The proposed method is applied to RADARSAT-1 SGF images of which ephemeris information is not accurate enough to directly use for the dynamic geometric modeling. The RMSE of the 3-D model by using a single CP (Control Point) is 43.86m,(More)
This paper presents an effective strategy to extract the buildings and to reconstruct 3-D buildings using high-resolution multispectral stereo satellite images. Proposed scheme containes three major steps: building enhancement and segmentation using both Background Discriminant Transformation (BDT) and ISODATA algorithm, conjugate building identification(More)
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