Choung-Hwan Park

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Abstract In this paper, the qualification of a production GaN process platform is discussed. Details of the process repeatability, reliability and qualification methodologies are covered in detail. Additionally, concurrent product development efforts are also described. Reliability results include three-temperature DC testing that resulted in an activation(More)
It is important to determine quickly the extent of flooding during extreme cases. Even though SAR imagery with its own energy sources is highly applicable to flood monitoring owing to its sensitivity to the water area, topographic effects caused by local terrain relief must be carefully considered before the actual classification process. Since(More)
Positioning technology to track a moving object is an important and essential component of ubiquitous computing environments and applications. An RFID-based positioning system using the k-nearest neighbor (k-NN) algorithm can determine the position of a moving reader from observed reference data. In this study, the optimal detection range of an RFID-based(More)
This paper describes an efficient 3-D positioning method of SAR image only using ephemeris data and a single control point. The proposed method is applied to RADARSAT-1 SGF images of which ephemeris information is not accurate enough to directly use for the dynamic geometric modeling. The RMSE of the 3-D model by using a single CP (Control Point) is 43.86m,(More)
This paper presents an effective strategy to extract the buildings and to reconstruct 3-D buildings using high-resolution multispectral stereo satellite images. Proposed scheme containes three major steps: building enhancement and segmentation using both Background Discriminant Transformation (BDT) and ISODATA algorithm, conjugate building identification(More)
This paper presents a true ortho-image generation scheme in urban areas for web GIS application such as urban management system. Proposed scheme includes the solution of conventional problems in normal ortho-image generation. Especially, our approach is focused on the automation and consistency of ortho-image in complex urban areas. For this purpose, we(More)
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