Chotoo I Bhagat

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T(4) is standard treatment for hypothyroidism. A recent study reported that combined T(4)/liothyronine (T(3)) treatment improved well-being and cognitive function compared with T(4) alone. We conducted a double-blind, randomized, controlled trial with a crossover design in 110 patients (101 completers) with primary hypothyroidism in which liothyronine 10(More)
The calcium (Ca) metabolism of established human lactation was studied in 40 adult women (mean age 32.4 years) who had been breast-feeding for 6 months (Lac) and in 40 age-matched controls (Con) using fasting urine and blood biochemistry and forearm single-photon bone mineral densitometry (BMD). Serial studies were performed up to 6 months after weaning in(More)
Potential determinants of bone mineral density (BMD) were studied cross-sectionally in 115 healthy, sexually mature Caucasian women aged 18 years. Bone mineral density (Hologic QDR1000W) of the lumbar spine, proximal femur (five sites), and distal tibia and fibula; fasting blood and urine calcium biochemistry; serum sex hormone levels (follicular phase);(More)
During pregnancy and lactation there is increased demand from the fetus and neonate for calcium (Ca) and inorganic phosphate (Pi) from maternal sources. During the last trimester of pregnancy and during established lactation 5-8 mmol Ca and 3-5 mmol Pi are transferred each day to the fetus or infant. To meet the demands for Ca and Pi during pregnancy and(More)
Twenty-five years after the first paper on etidronate in Paget's disease, there are few published papers that address bisphosphonate resistance as a specific clinical phenomenon. We report our data from two studies. Study 1 is a retrospective study of 20 patients with moderate to severe disease who were treated with intravenous (iv) pamidronate (221 +/- 18(More)
The distinction between positive and negative training adaptation is an important prerequisite in the identification of any marker for monitoring training in athletes. To investigate the glutamine responses to progressive endurance training, twenty healthy males were randomly assigned to a training group or a non-exercising control group. The training group(More)
1. The autonomic and local control of the circumflex coronary bed evoked through acute rises in aortic pressure (aortic balloon inflation) was analysed in conscious, normotensive and hypertensive dogs in complete heart block with ventricles paced at 100 beats/min. 2. In normotensive dogs there was an initial rise (6-12 s) in circumflex conductance preceding(More)
The osmolalities of 100 plasma samples were measured and compared with the osmolalities calculated from the plasma concentrations (mmol/L) of sodium, potassium, glucose, and urea by several different formulae. The formula recommended by Dorwart and Chalmers (Clin Chem 21: 190, 1975) gave inferior results to those obtained with our "most accurate" formula:(More)
We have compared the use of new markers of bone turnover in the assessment and treatment of Paget disease and made observations on the mechanisms of bone resorption. Urine hydroxyproline (Hyp) as a bone resorption marker and serum alkaline phosphatase (ALP) as a bone formation marker have traditionally been used to biochemically assess and monitor treatment(More)
We report a prospective, randomized, multicenter, open-label 2-year trial of 81 postmenopausal women aged 53-79 years with at least one minimal-trauma vertebral fracture (VF) and low (T-score below - 2) lumbar bone mineral density (BMD). Group HRT received piperazine estrone sulfate (PES) 0.625 – 1.25 mg/d ± medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) 2.5 – 5 mg/d;(More)