Choonsik Park

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The braid groups are infinite non-commutative groups naturally arising from geometric braids. The aim of this article is twofold. One is to show that the braid groups can serve as a good source to enrich cryptography. The feature that makes the braid groups useful to cryptography includes the followings: (i) The word problem is solved via a fast algorithm(More)
Most public key cryptosystems have been constructed based on abelian groups up to now. We propose a new public key cryptosystem built on finite non abelian groups in this paper. It is convertible to a scheme in which the encryption and decryption are much faster than other well-known public key cryptosystems, even without no message expansion. Furthermore a(More)
Fingerprint is immutable and unchangeable. Thus, if it is disclosed, owner of fingerprint cannot use his fingerprint any longer. Fuzzy vault is a cryptographic framework that makes secure template storage to bind the template with a uniformly random key. In order to keep fuzzy vault secure, various schemes are studied using special data like password.(More)
As private information can be contained in the DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) system’s target of monitoring, the monitoring process inevitably violates privacy of the internal employees. Currently, existing DLP systems do not consider the privacy violation during the monitoring process. In this work, we are proposing a DLP system considering privacy(More)