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SUMMARY We have developed the GEONGrid system for coordinating and managing naturally distributed computing, data, and cluster resources on the cyberinfrastructure. At the present state, since the use of Grid technology is still very complex for researchers and scientists, the area of Grid Portals has made excellent progress. Grid portal system is emerging(More)
We have built user environments that simplify and provide interactive access to data, models, and compute resources as well as integrate various distributed computational services to study earthquake waveforms utilizing 3D models and compute resources within the Geosciences Network (GEONgrid) and national computational grids, such as TeraGrid. These data(More)
Problem solving environments (PSEs) are increasingly important for scientific discovery. Today's most challenging problems often require multidisciplinary teams, the ability to analyze very large amounts of data, and the need to rely on infrastructure built by others rather than reinventing solutions for each science team. The TeraGrid Science Gateways(More)
Leveraging service-oriented architectures and taking advantage of the high-performance compute resources provided by XSEDE, we have developed standards-based web services to address the challenges associated with processing large volumes of high resolution topography data. These web services make results from community software packages and other(More)