Choongsoo Yun

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Chitosanase (ChoA) from Mitsuaria chitosanitabida 3001 was successfully evolved with secretion efficiency and thermal stability. The inactive ChoA mutant (G151D) gene was used to mutate by an error-prone PCR technique and mutant genes that restored chitosanase activity were isolated. Two desirable mutants, designated M5S and M7T, were isolated. Two amino(More)
The betaproteobacterium Mitsuaria chitosanitabida (formerly Matsuebacter chitosanotabidus) 3001 produces a chitosanase (ChoA) that is classified in glycosyl hydrolase family 80. While many chitosanase genes have been isolated from various bacteria to date, they show limited homology to the M. chitosanitabida 3001 chitosanase gene (choA). To investigate the(More)
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