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Formal specification of correct library usage is extremely useful, both for software developers and for the formal analysis tools they use, such as model checkers or runtime monitoring systems. Unfortunately, the process of creating formal specifications is time consuming, and, for the most part, even the libraries in greatest use, such as the Java(More)
Runtime verification can effectively increase the reliability of software systems. In recent years, parametric runtime verification has gained a lot of traction, with several systems proposed. However, lack of real specifications and prohibitive runtime overhead when checking numerous properties simultaneously prevent developers or users from using runtime(More)
Runtime monitoring is a technique usable in all phases of the software development cycle, from initial testing, to debugging, to actually maintaining proper function in production code. Of particular importance are parametric monitoring systems, which allow the specification of properties that relate objects in a program, rather than only global properties.(More)
Harmful algal blooms, caused by rapid growth and accumulation of certain microalgae in the ocean, pose considerable impacts on marine environments, aquatic industries and even public health. Here, we present the 7.2-megabase genome of the marine bacterium Hahella chejuensis including genes responsible for the biosynthesis of a pigment which has the lytic(More)
Research I am a Post Doctorate Researcher in the Formal Systems Laboratory (fsl.cs.uiuc.edu) at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, where I was also previously a Graduate Research Assistant. I was also a member the LLVM group (llvm.org) at the University of Illinois as an M.S. student and undergraduate. I am interested primarily in the fields of(More)
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