Choon-sik Cho

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In this paper, a monopole antenna with a circular disc at the top and parasitic strips around antenna is analytically investigated and simulated using the mode-matching technique and a commercially available software package, CST MW Studio based on FDTD algorithm. Mode-matching technique with boundary conditions are applied to compute the unknown modal(More)
Power combiners/dividers are frequently used in wireless-communication systems, specifically for phased array antenna, vector modulator, and mixer. Due to multi-band requirements, various dual-band circuits based on lumped and distributed elements have been reported recently.This paper proposes a novel dual band Wilkinson power divider based on the ring(More)
In this paper, the design procedure and electrical performance of a new triple-band antenna are reported and investigated. The operating frequency of the proposed antenna includes the PCS/IMT-2000/Bluetooth bands for the mobile communication system. It adopt the CPW-fed structure that is easily integrated with MMIC and fabricated in a simplified(More)
A new CPW-fed self-affine fractal antenna, which has a novel configuration, is proposed and investigated for low profile and multi-band performance in mobile communication systems. The vastly different structure can be created from a simple rectangular patch while the number of iterations increases. The proposed antenna provides a radiation pattern similar(More)
This paper describes a design of dual-band antenna design resonating in PCS and cellular frequency band. In order to accomplish this goal, the PIFA (planar inverted-F antenna) with periodic grooves is suggested and analyzed by using a commercially available software package based on the FDTD algorithm. In addition to that, the experimental results are(More)
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