Choon-Young Lee

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A new adaptive multiple neural network controller (AMNNC) with a supervisory controller for a class of uncertain nonlinear dynamic systems was developed in this paper. The AMNNC is a kind of adaptive feedback linearizing controller where nonlinearity terms are approximated with multiple neural networks. The weighted sum of the multiple neural networks was(More)
—A new adaptive controller based on multiple neural networks (NNs) for an uncertain robot manipulator system is developed in this paper. The proposed multiple neuro-adaptive controller (MNAC) switches to a memorized control skill or blends multiple skills by using visual information on the given job to improve the transient response at the time of task(More)
— A power assisted gait rehabilitation robot system by which a patient who has difficulty in walking can exercise is proposed. Our developed system consists of a robotic manipulator which can adjust the height of the system according to the user and a mobile base with two-driving wheels. It is similar to the architecture of a mobile manipulator. The neural(More)
A neural network based controller is derived for a mobile manipulator to track the given trajectories in the workspace. The dynamics of the mobile manipulator is assumed to be unknown completely, and is learned on-line by the radial basis function network (RBFN) with weight adaptation rule derived from the Lyapunov function. Generally, a RBFN can be used to(More)
In many industrial and agricultural fields, we should acquire and process the image of high-speed falling objects and then to output the characteristics of those. This paper presents an image acquisition and processing system for falling objects. It is based on the Texas Instrumentspsila TMS320C6416T (DSP6416), a high performance digital signal processor(More)
Path planning for mobile robots has received a great deal of attention over the past two decades. The basic rapidly-exploring random tree (RRT) algorithm is famous in this field because it excels at exploring free space in the large environments and it is parallelizable. In this paper, we applied modified RRT algorithm to local navigation of a mobile robot(More)