Choon-Oh Lee

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Location logging is a technique that continuously records user’s location using various location sensing and positioning technologies. Location logs and information derived from those logs can be useful contexts for various applications. However, previous research related to recording and handling location logs failed to seriously consider heavy(More)
Development of the Internet enables numerous healthcare services to be available to many service consumers. As a result, many brokering web sites such as healthcare service portals and search engines are deployed to support userspsila choice. However, to provide better healthcare to the novice users, systems need more sophisticated mechanism for healthcare(More)
Research on place extraction has been of interest for the detection of meaningful places that users visit. Because interpretations of meaningful places may be different according to location-based applications, a universal place extraction algorithm that is able to detect all kinds of meaningful places needs to be developed. Unfortunately, most previously(More)
Wi-Fi fingerprint based indoor positioning methods exploits naive signal strength in each location to predict user's location. However, using naïve signal strength may limit the prediction accuracy, because the Wi-Fi signals follow the Log-distance path loss model in signal propagation. In this research, we propose to generate Wi-Fi fingerprint with(More)
Recently, numerous location-based services have been developed for smartphones; among location-based services, proactive location-based services can serve smartphone users based on periodically collected location logs in background. However, these proactive services have not been widely used, mainly because most of them continuously consume too much battery(More)
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