Choon Meng Lee

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In contrast to the current motion segmentation paradigm that assumes independence between the motion subspaces, we approach the motion segmentation problem by seeking the parsimonious basis set that can represent the data. Our formulation explicitly looks for the overlap between subspaces in order to achieve a minimal basis representation. This parsimonious(More)
Low-rank matrix completion is a problem of immense practical importance. Recent works on the subject often use nuclear norm as a convex surrogate of the rank function. Despite its solid theoretical foundation, the convex version of the problem often fails to work satisfactorily in real-life applications. Real data often suffer from very few observations,(More)
Motion segmentation and non-rigid structure from motion are two challenging computer vision problems that have attracted numerous research interests. While the previous works handle these two problems separately, we present a general motion segmentation framework in this paper for solving these two seemingly different problems in a unified manner. At the(More)
UNLABELLED Beyond the well-defined role of the Eph (erythropoietin-producing hepatocellular) receptor tyrosine kinases in developmental processes, cell motility, cell trafficking/adhesion, and cancer, nothing is known about their involvement in liver pathologies. During blood-stage rodent malaria infection we have found that EphB2 transcripts and proteins(More)
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